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Your Health   Your Leadership   Your Legacy



We have nothing if we do not have our Health.  When we have courage to invest in ourselves, our Health, we will also take back our power to lead ourself and lead others.  And yes, create the LIFE and ultimately the Legacy we were meant to imprint on this world.  


This 2-day event will be STACKED with BRILLIANT practitioners & thought leaders that will push you to your edge on your beliefs about HEALTH, Relationships, $$$ and Mindset.  You will walk away with “aha” moments and tools that will immediately impact your health, your life and ultimately the journey you want to create. 

Featuring KEYNOTE Speaker 

Taylor Conroy 

4x TedX speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Coach who has led global movements by “Scaling Empathy” to change the world.


Health and “cutting edge,” influential ideas that surround our health in the 21st century will be creatively and profoundly addressed. 


We will also be incorporating how health affects money, relationships, mindset, gender roles, and more.  All stigmas, stereotypes will be knocked down and TRUTH will enter creating a space for your EPICNESS!

Speakers will be giving you “drop the mic” moments and you will have “aha” moments…guaranteed…


To create a platform for high achieving women and men to optimize their HEALTH on all platforms (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and ultimately SOUL Health to create the LIFE they truly were meant for.


To connect high-achieving women and men to themselves and ultimately to their community by optimizing their SOUL + MENTAL HEALTH, developing their LEADERSHIP with true self-love, and living out their LEGACY with their gifts, passions and purpose in service..and yes, EXPONENTIALLY IMPACT the WORLD.



All of our Health Topics will not only treat you to “cutting edge” and scientifically based golden nuggets  on the most influential health topics effecting YOU but will encourage you in a new way of looking at Health.  We will create a platform of understanding the POWER of Mindset, Emotional + Mental Wellness to create the HEALTH you want.  


Topics will include:


The GUT: The “Queen Bee” and knowing how to maximize her power

The BRAIN: Prevention & Healing of our greatest neurological traumas and Truly Optimizing It’s Function.

The GUT-BRAIN AXIS: The POWER of this Connection in all areas of Health 

Cancer + Autoimmune: The EPIDEMIC and empowering yourself with the truth.

Prevention, Healing, and the POWER of Mindset…why our thoughts make us sick

Blood Sugar: The Nitty Gritty, What you really didn't know AND why it's EVERYTHING to health

The Missing Piece…is it Thyroid? Is it Adrenal? Is it something else?

Emotional + Spiritual Healing: The Sacred Space that no one really knows about but has the greatest impact on healing  

Women’s Health: Fertility at ALL Ages and what that means in health

Mental Health: Captivating new research on modalities that create the greatest change


Get ready for thought leaders that will blow your mind and connect you to your POWER in money, relationships and more!  Giving you opportunities to take back your power and create the Life you want. Be ready for “drop the mic” moments that you can take with you into Monday morning.


Topics will include:


The Age of the Leading Woman

The New Role of Leadership for Men

The Influence of Gender Roles

Mental Health + Mindset 

Your Business + Your Money + Your Health

Relationships + Health

Post-Trauma Growth

High Performance/Social Influence

Motivational talks that will keep you on the edge of your seat…and MORE!

Jennifer Watson


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